Friday, February 13, 2009

Playing catch up

Just a few details that I've been forgetting to share...

Like a felted sweater repurposed to fingerless mittens for me and my son. I'll let you know what I do with the rest of it.

The reversable dresses for the girls' ballet recital. Which, may I say, went very well. So proud of my sweet ballerinas.

A new hat, to replace the old one he lost.

A model shaduf, made from bamboo skewers and playdough, for history.

And finally, what happens when you leave your two-year-old in a room with baby powder for more than 30 seconds.


Karen said...

all i can say regarding that last picture of Noah is this "WOW".


Toby & Kelly said...

That's nothing - after that picture was taken, all three of them went in the bedroom and locked the door. It took a couple hours, a fan and a vacuum to get rid of all the baby powder that time!