Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My mom is a geocache-r. For the uninformed, that means they go tramping around random spots on the globe, looking for stuff that other people left behind. While for most that means "trash-picker", the stuff that's being left behind isn't trash (well, most of it isn't). The last couple of times Mom visited, we went along with her. It's actually kind of cool - we found a little Woody doll whose aim was to visit all 50 states (he's made 6 so far, I think).
Mom had one weird experience, though. One of the 'travel bugs' she found (the ones that are supposed to visit x number of places) was actually a vial containing some of the remains of a man. Apparently, this man's life goal was to "spend the night with" as many women as possible (good to have goals...), but didn't really get to go far with it as he died rather young. So, a "friend" (apparently) decided that he would help by hiding his mate's ashes in a vial in the woods and asking geocachers to keep the ashes for a night before moving them on. There's a whole lot of weirdness in this world, folks.

For those interested in the world of geocache-ing, find out about it here. Just be prepared to start climbing trees and poking under fallen logs for small plastic containers, and being inordinately excited when you find something.


Laurie said...

Very cool. It's nice to see pictures of you family. I feel I am getting to know you more from the blog than from when I lived 5 minutes away. Fun!! :)

zz said...

Sleeping with Ashes. Sounds like the title of a (not so)great novel. At least you don't have to listen to him snore. (Let's hope.)

Karen said...

that sounds like so much fun. could be a cool summer care group outing me thinks! ;)