Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bon voyage, my love

Well, today was the day I finally sent him India. Toby's now on a plane with 14 other noble souls, bound for Varanasi, to minister and provide medical care for 10 days (though they'll be travelling 2 days each way). It was sad to watch him go - lots of tears and leaky noses, but I'm confident that God's got big plans for him there, and for us, here.
Finally, I'm getting around to sharing some of the Christmas-gift-making that was going on. First was the felt pencil rolls for the girls from this lady's book. Very successful, I think. And I know the photo's upside-down, but, well, you get the idea.
The girls (the older ones, that is) also received a pair of leg warmers each, which were dutifully worn for about 5 minutes before the slouchiness freaked them out. So, it looks like I'll be making more that dont' slouch... Some of the other making-type projects include a long sleeve regency dress that was meant to be for Abi. However, she's going through a growth spurt. This means that by the time I finished it, it was too short in the arms. So now it's Anna's. And I can assure you, the "bonnet" (as Abi calls it) was not my idea! I've also posted off a pair of black fingerless mittens to my Mom. They're perfect for delivering mail (which is what she does, fortunately), as her hands freeze without gloves, but gloves hamper the mail-delivering process. They do make for an interesting dropping-mail-in-slushy-road exercise. I tried them out a little - wouldn't want to send my mom something sub-standard - and found them so warm and snuggly that I'll soon be making a pair for myself.

Now, a little reminder to pray for Toby while he's away and for me and the kids, while we're here. And he's not. Roll on Jan 31!


Kathy said...

We are praying for both Toby as he is away and you as you are home alone with the kiddos for such a long time. God's grace is abundant! We miss you all!

Anonymous said...

I love your mitts! ;) I'm praying for you and Kathleen while the men are gone! Hope tonight's meeting goes well.

BTW, I think the booties are turning out fine. Not sure yet, but almost done. Not sure how, because I still think there was a mistake in there somewhere, but they seem to be shaping up.

zz said...

Beautiful picture of Anna!