Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A little excitement

So, I'm having a wonderful morning and afternoon, hanging out with my friend Emily and her son, chatting and such like. The phone has rung a few times this morning, but as I have company, I've been ignoring it. Abigail suddenly comes up the stairs to report that there is a message on the machine from our neighbor saying that Thor (the dog) is wandering around in the front yard! Huh.
Since Emily was happy to babysit while I did a spot of dog-chasing (Praise God and Bless Emily!), I jump in my car, driving around our road and go stomping around in the woods behind the house, looking for this blasted dog. He sees me coming, does a runner, and I manage to corner him on the neighbor's front porch and sweetly persuade him to return home with me. Mind you, this isn't that big a concern for most dog owners (I suppose), but throw in the fact that Thor doesn't like other dogs AT ALL and will happily devour a cat, particularly our neighbor's cat (who is the fattest creature I've ever seen and delights in taunting our canines), and I start wondering just how many cookies I would need to make to apologize for my animal eating someone else's animal.
Who says that housewives have no excitement!?

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