Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm an Idiot

What can I say? Trying to redeem the amazon gift card Mum sent for Christmas, I keep putting in the code, and it keeps telling me it's already been redeemed - aka "Someone's stolen our gift!". Get sulky and cross with amazon, emailing to find out how they're going to fix it all, when Toby realizes that the code that I'm using is for the gift card we received last year and has definitely been used (by us). With dunce hat firmly in place, email amazon back to apologize for such folly.
So there we are: a fool, with fun Amazon toys.
For those interested, the aquarium was great, especially when I managed to adjust the rucksack that Eleanor was in so it didn't feel like she weighed 100lbs on my shoulders. Everyone loved the dolphins the best, even though they weren't wooden. I think they would have been a little less dramatic, somehow.
I'll post some photos when I come up for air from my frenzied Christmas-making...

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emily said...

I had a similar "idiot" moment with Amazon today. I was wondering why a gift I had ordered for my Dad had still not arrived. I went on the tracking site and found that it said that it had been delivered on Dec. 15. Frantic and a lot put out, I called Amazon and, before I was able to talk to a representative, it dawned on me that the item (a DVD) was small enough to fit into my mailbox. Oh. . . (sound of palm striking my forehead). What is it about Amazon?