Saturday, November 22, 2008

Enjoying John Piper and Thanksgiving

Toby's read Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper and suggested I read it. I'm working my way through now, and though I've not finished, feel struck by two different people groups he addresses. First, retired believers, who, having raised thier children and retired from their jobs, decide to coast along, playing in the sun until they receive their Heavenly Reward. The second group was teenaged believers, who are busy preparing for a life of fruitful work by trying to get in as much partying as possible. To both, Piper pleads, "Don't waste it!" For the older believer, use your retirement to do something great for God! Don't waste your time collecting shells at the end of your life, for when the time comes to give an account, what do you have to show for your time? '"Look, Lord. See my shells."' The world, the church, the lost still need you, your skills, your wisdom, your time. For the teenager waiting for the opportunity to do big things, you will NEVER have more time, energy, or opportunity to do big things, hard things, for God. To this end, read Do Hard Things, by Brett and Alex Harris. It's written by teenagers for teenagers, but read it anyway. Dare you.
Eleanor's cutting teeth - talk about doing a hard thing! Poor girl, her smiles are fewer of late, but just as dazzling as ever. She's also going on to 'big girl' food. Loving that grain cereal and pear!
This week is Thanksgiving. "Duh", for the Americans; "Oh, yeah!", for the Brits. Just to clairfy, Thanksgiving is the celebration of the first English settlers managing to survive their first year. Go here for a full-er story.
Off to make lunch...

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